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Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 21.5" Screen, Android OS, Floor Standing

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 21.5" Screen, Android OS, Floor Standing

  • Container Uses Standard Free-Pour Sanitizer
  • 21.5" LCD Digital Screen with Android 7.1 Operating System and Audio, Picture, Video and Slide Show Capabilities
  • Illuminated LED Fill-Level Indicator: Sufficient Fill Level (Green), Requires Refill (Red)
  • LED Dispenser Ready Indicator: Blue When Not in Use, Green When Activated by Inserted Hand
  • 3G/WIFI/WLAN Network Connection
  • Removable Drip Tray Makes Clean Up Easy


Digital Hand Sanitizer Floor Kiosk with 21.5" LCD Screen and Illuminated LED Indicators

This digital hand sanitizer floor kiosk offers multiple function capabilities and pairs it perfectly with a touchless gel hygiene dispenser. Convenient features like the built-in touchless sensor, Android 7.1 OS, LED indicators, 5L (16.9 fl oz) refill container, and remote control make this free-standing unit is a smart decision. Our touchless hand sanitizer floor kiosk is ideal for healthcare facilities, retail stores, restaurants, offices reception areas, and convenient stores. This floor-standing anti-bacterial wash station provides a level of comfort for your employees and patrons. It is also a great marketing opportunity for conveying information such as essential public health updates, reminders to cleanse, and valuable company updates. Think of the advertising possibilities this digital sanitizer floor kiosk provides when you have audio, video, picture, and slide show capabilities. Simply place a hand into the blue LED dispensing area and the built-in sensor will release the exact amount of anti-bacterial wash needed. No special cartridges need for refill purposes, and we recommend purchasing the gallon replenishment gel jug. LED shows green when levels are sufficient and red when empty, so you have easy indicators when it’s time to refill.

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