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Custom Digital Signage presentation | mediaPLAYER

Custom Digital Signage presentation | mediaPLAYER


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Its busy. We know you have a business to run and you don't have the time to learn how to create an attractive digital signage presentation, we get it ... so why not let us do it for you?

Starting price of $ 350.00, we will have our professional designers call you, you can explain to the designer what you would like in your presentation.


Do you have pictures, videos of your business, products or services, or even a website? We can use all of that to create a personalized professional digital signage presentation for you.


And we can make it even easier. We can send you a pre-configured MediaPLAYER that is preloaded, pre-registered to your free account, and ready to Rock `n` Roll.


So literally all you have to do is mount a display on the wall, connect the media PLAYER to your local WIFI network and your mounted display using the supplied HDMI cable and that's it ... there is nothing easier than that ...

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  • Development details:

    Development details:
    We will create a perfectly tailored digital signage presentation for your business

    Once you complete the purchase we will contact you via email or phone (collected during checkout process) normally within 2-3 business days. We will work closely with you so we can better understand your digital signage needs. 
    We will create the presentation as per your instructions and submit it for your review once completed.

    total time committed to project: 48 hours
    mix of images, videos, text, swf animations, HTML, weather and components
    we can purchase inexpensive licensed content for you (usually around $1.00 per asset)
    Price Starts at $350.00 for Basic Campaign

  • About this service:

    about this service:

    It includes
    3 - Dishes in offers
    1-offer of the day
    1-weekend special

    1- Pre configured media player
    1- Custom Digital Signage design
    tv Not included

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